Go Ask the Dead

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Frank Tropea

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"This tale deals with a beautiful young girl, Amanda Mannon, who comes from a rather haunted family and becomes rather haunted herself. Surviving her morally loose mother's murder, and her seductive handsome stepfather's murder attempt of her, She goes to live with a wealthy great-aunt Lavinia Mannon. Because she can both see and talk and interact with the dead, she has a long-term affair with William, the ghost of long-dead Confederate officer killed at Gettysburg.

Later, it all turns very bad for her with William with sexual abuse from him and his ghastly cohorts. Desperate, she turns to Craig her ex-husband who still loves her for help. But she must find the strength to defeat the evil dead from inside of herself. Later, she gives birth to a son. But with this baby's remarkable heritage, what, exactly will the future hold for him and Amanda and Craig?

This is the tale of a haunted girl in a haunted land, the South, still haunted by the Civil War and slavery."

Frank Tropea

I was born in 1949 in Brockton, MA to a middle-class Italian family. A twin brother of mine died six months after our birth and I always wonder what if he’d lived? – I was blessed later with other siblings, though. Graduated high school in ’67 and went into the Navy, a very sobering experience. Always loved reading and literature, though. Used the GI Bill later to get my BA in Lit and Psychology. Worked in Boston and lived there, too. Later on, after a traumatic layoff, went through some hard years and then was hired by a courthouse, so that I became a State Employee. I’ll always be eternally grateful for that. Also got an MA from Harvard in Lit and Psychology. Also later joined Mensa and later Intertel. Always loved writing poetry and later books. I love Paranormal. I treasure my cats, my friends, my family, and all my nieces and nephews and, now, great-nephews and nieces whom I am proud to say I spoil rotten My beliefs and probing of the Paranormal enabled me to write this book. At home, I play with the cats, write, and then curl up with a good book.


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