Giving is Not Just For The Very Rich: A How-To Guide For Giving And Philanthropy – KINDLE


Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson

Format: Kindle
Published Date: February 9, 2024
Pages:  154
ISBN: 979-8-89091-450-7

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“Dr. Susan Gitelson reminds us of how much good philanthropy has done and how much remains to be done. The book will inspire the needed great work ahead.”
— Dr. Anthony W. Marx, President and CEO, The New York Public Library

A valuable resource for you, Giving Is Not Just For The Very Rich is an inspiring, easy-to-use guide that gives you numerous creative ideas on how to reap the many benefits of giving. It’s all about your feeling connected to worthwhile programs, achieving a sense of purpose, and deriving immeasurable pleasure from helping others.

Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson

Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson offers you reasons to give, considers values and concerns, and advises you on how to give wisely. She presents you with examples from the wealthiest donors, innovative givers, social entrepreneurs, celebrities, government officials, nonprofit professionals, volunteers, and social media networkers.
To help you zero in on major areas for your giving, she reviews religious philanthropy, education K-12, higher education, science and health, arts and culture, sports, multipurpose umbrella organizations, awards, and international aid. Finally, she shows you how to evaluate charities, make choices, and realize your commitments.


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