Frustrations with Math – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: July 7, 2020
Pages: 164
ISBN: 9781951775322

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The frustrations book shows several ways to solve many math problems. These would include factoring binomials and polynomials, solving quadratic equations, work and other story problems, such as distance, rate and time, plus trig relationships and everyday math questions. You will enjoy the 45-day road trip analyzing many questions to be solved as you ride down and up the east coast.

Jerry Ortner

After thirty-plus years of teaching math and science at the middle, junior, and senior high school levels plus community college, I decided to write pre-algebra and algebra workbooks. Thinking these workbooks would enable students to gain a better understanding of all the x and y variables to be solved, I even wrote another book on solving various topics that seem to frustrate many students in their endeavor to master mathematics.


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