From Fire to Freedom: A Rescripted Edition

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J.M. Valente

Published Date: June 16, 2022
Pages: 416

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From Fire to Freedom narrates an insight into the tapestry of the life of Dr. Jaime Alonso Yrastorza.
His weave of reminiscences begins in his idyllic upbringing in rural Philippines. He reflects on the legacies that centuries of turbulent Spanish and American colonial overlords had influenced the mores and traditions of present-day Filipinos. Living in a battlefield of WWII, he relives his experiences from days fraught with danger, destruction and death as his family survives in the struggle between the Japanese and American military forces. After adolescence, he leaves the nation he refers to as La Perla del Mar Oriente for America. This inspiring personal journey shares the rewards from the fervor and perseverance of his actions and underscores his advocacy to engage our innate enriching quality of reciprocation and charity for the benefit of fellowmen in need.

Jaime Alonso Yrastorza

Dr. Jaime Alonso Yrastorza practiced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for thirty-five years while occasionally invited to partake in educational presentations before local, State, National and International professional conferences. Before retirement, he founded a non-profit humanitarian project to provide reconstructive care to Filipino children born with facial deformities. He now lives in Littleton, Colorado, and enjoying retirement with his wife Trish and family.


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