Freddy and the Band – Volume 1- KINDLE


Bryn Elizabeth Cooper

Format: Kindle
Published Date: November 9, 2023
Pages:  36
ISBN: 979-8-89091-283-1

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“Freddy and the Band” is a very current book that will engage your child immediately through its electric colors and today’s familiar technology. While learning valuable morals your child will be identifying with cool terminology and all of today’s stylish and trendy things!

In this book I have emphasized that ART is very important in everyone’s life. If you can sing…SING! If you can dance…DANCE! … Whatever it is, chasing your artistic dream is a good and healthy thing. Freddy also teaches us that the best way to get ahead is with a little hard work and a lot of kindness! So, let’s watch as Freddy and his new friends turn their hard work into good fun and make their dream come true!

Bryn Elizabeth Cooper

Author Bio*
Everybody has dreams and this book teaches us how to follow those dreams and make them all come true! Freddy shows us that the best way to get ahead in this world is with a little hard work and a lot of kindness.Hello, I am your author and the creator of “Freddy and the Band” and even though I have had a successful career in the film and television industry, I still have dreams that need to be realized… and this was one of them. Writing this book is my way of helping children see that their dreams are all within reach and that with a little hard work they can all come true!“Freddy and the Band” is very current and full of all kinds of cool visuals! And while the kids are identifying with everything that they see, this book teaches values and strong work ethics, enforcing how important it is to begin when we are young. So, let’s ROCK and ROLL with Freddy and all his new friends as they make their dream come true!!!

Michael Jake Te 

*Illustrator Bio*
Meet your illustrator! Brand new to illustrating a book, Michael’s love for drawing certainly shows in his electric sketches across the pages of “Freddy and the Band.” When this family man isn’t spending time with his wife and children, you can find Michael drawing, sculpting and doing other various art forms. Art has been his passion since he was a young boy, forever influenced by the world of comics…. comics that not only inspired him to draw but taught him to read as well and always dream big.Beaming with pride over his two boys, Michael is also proud to be a part of this book because
like he says, “it’s good, clean fun and a book that I would approve for my own children!”


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