Frankie: The King of Siam

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George H. Tsegeletos

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True story " Frankie" a Siamese cat who lived with a family in California for 18 years. The adventure of Frankie's day-by-day Siamese Behaviors, strange adventures, and hilarious moments while living in his suburban and his surrounding Kingdom. As king of the house, his subjects, and territory he rules his domain with a heavy hand and other times with warm loving care.

George H. Tsegeletos

George H. Tsegeletos was born in Chicago and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Early on the family moved from San Francisco to the North Bay County of Marin where George and his siblings grew up, married, and raised their own families. George says, “In all those years we owned many dogs, a few cats, even a horse and then along came Frankie, that was like having a new child.” Author of two other non-fiction books, “Under The Sea Of Cortez” and “As I Recall”.


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