Five Years Old and I Gotta Know – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: April 5,2019
Pages: 80
ISBN: 9781949981414

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"The experiences I've had in my 70 years is to see very strong ideals going by the wayside in our country. The moral climate is fading into an immoral decay. As I walked these 70 years and had to fight my own battles I've often wondered how others can even cope with some of the things they do, some seem to be having more difficult time in many ways then I have had to experience.

In my life, God has opened my eyes to the devastation so many people are having with drugs, sex, and drinking. My own struggle with health issues and spiritual battles as the result of not obeying God's word; when I was five years old. I now can see why God did not want me to do what I did in disobeying him. This took years to understand God was near to me always
I just needed to ask and believe.

I share many trials in the book and I try to show how a dependence on God's grace and love can get you through the toughest of times."

Gregory Booth

“Author Gregory L. Booth was nearly five years old when he first spoke to God. He admits that he didn’t quite listen to God that day at his home in Pendleton, Oregon. In this memoir, Booth narrates the story of his life against the constant battles of the opposing forces of good and evil— between God and Satan.

Using the Bible as a guide, FIVE YEARS OLD AND I GOTTA KNOW discusses Booth’s tribulations and trials, as well as the role God played throughout both the good times and the bad times. Including tales for this youth in Pendleton, his service in the Navy, his marriages, his work world, and his being saved in March 1971, Booth describes God’s saving grace in his life. FIVE YEARS OLD AND I GOTTA KNOW communicates a message of hope for all when life is taking some wrong turns, God is still on our side and seeking a personal relationship.

Gregory L. Booth spent twenty years as a general contractor. He was saved in March 1971 and has been involved in a chapter of Business Men’s Fellowship, where he has served in a variety of positions. This is a debut book, he currently
lives in Pendleton, Oregon.”


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