Espionage in Miniature – KINDLE


Edward R. Lipinski

Format: Kindle
Published Date: February 6, 2024
Pages:  198
ISBN: 979-8-89091-458-3

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Jake was an agent in a covert government organization, The Bureau of Research and Information Acquisition. Jake was confident that he was experienced and resourceful enough to handle any mission, but then an assignment materialized that was unlike any of his previous missions. The mission objective was a building in a remote Upstate area. Intelligence sources suspected that the building was the headquarters of a terrorist organization. It was an impenetrable fortress and no one could get in or out without being detected. The masterminds in the BRIA organization devised a daring plan. They constructed machine that could reduce a full-grown man to six-inches tall. Jake was the agent who would be reduced. As a miniature man, he would fly onto the roof of the enemy fortress on a drone and crawl down the HVAC duct into the building where he would penetrate the computer and install transmitter devices. The plan looked foolproof on paper, but what would happen when Jake actually tried to execute it?

Edward R. Lipinski

Edward R. Lipinski has worked in publishing and advertising for over 40 years. He has worked as an art director, graphic designer, technical and text book illustrator and as writer.

He wrote and illustrated the Home Improvement Column for the New York Times for over 5 years.
He is the author of:
Pucasso, The Cat Who Wanted To Be An Artist, a children’s book
Werewolf on Madison Avenue, a work of fiction
Visions of Destiny, a work of fiction
Echoes of the Past, parts I & II, works of fiction
Espionage in Miniature, a work of fiction


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