Eloise of Westhaven: Volume 1 – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: September 18, 2021
Pages: 276
ISBN: 9781953616685

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Dimensions 6 × 9 in

"Eloise Jackson is the only surviving member of her family after a series of hardships claims all those whom she loves most. Forced to leave the family farm, the young woman is taken in by the loving Cravits family. Her quick wit, natural charm, and strong work ethic give her a base on which to rebuild her life. As she ardently seeks direction, she finds herself working as the governess of the wealthy mayor's two difficult children. Challenged at every angle, Eloise's resolve is put to the test. Just when she feels like she's getting her life under control, she encounters a gang of outlaws whose dark plans threaten all of the progress she has made. As the only one who knows their secret, can this young woman find a way to stop them? Will she survive the encounter?

""Eloise of Westhaven: Not Just Kid is a highly readable and thoroughly enjoyable story of a young woman who finds true happiness after losing everything, showing her true, strong character."" —Kathy Darcy-Thomas The novel version Eloise of Westhaven: Not Just a Kid gives me all the elements I crave in a good novel: suspense, and drama… Eloise of Westhaven: Not Just Kid, reminds me of the very first historic novel… I read by Jeanette Oke. I can see a whole series coming—and the blossoming of the characters and the story around them makes me ready for book two! —Michele Gill I really enjoyed reading this lovely story. The characters are so lifelike, so real. It is a book that is hard to lay down, You just want to see what happens next! —Shirley Lind"

Jean Archambault-White

Jean Archambault-White is a seasoned writer, having worked as a columnist, technical writer, and freelance writer. First published at fifteen years old, she has had more than thirty years of experience in writing and editing across multiple genres. She and her husband currently reside in Palmetto, Florida.


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