Elemental Gates – PAPERBACK


Nicolas Alan Schiebe

Format: Paper Back
Published Date: December 6, 2023
Pages:  380
ISBN: 979-8-89091-345-6

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During a span of a few years, two young mens lives may change forever. Growing up has challenged them with intellectual parents that have been offered separate opportunities to travel the world. The young men are giving the opportunity to be apart of these excursions on different parts of the planet. They decided to take on these opportunities presented, and discovered the power crystals that landed on the planet in unknown locations. They embrace these changes standing one-on-one against each other to learning their overwhelming capabilities of strength. With these newly-found powers embraced, a mysterious man appears understanding they may be worth recruiting to protect the planet.

Over the next five years, they grow to accept their powers that have changed their lives as young men that are maturing. A few gruesomely endured years have passed by leading up to their university graduation. With the graduation ceremony over with, they could embrace serving the world. A mysterious man that had already decided they would one day save the world reappeared with a request for them to investigate an incident arising unexpectedly. The young men investigated to find out they were needed to save the planet. They began preparing for when they would be arriving on the planet, and stand against them prepared to destroy the world. With the powers they were granted, will they have what it takes for them to stand against them as the planet may be destroyed.

Nicolas Alan Schiebe

Nicolas Schiebe, writes passionately inspired by the creative outlets of his structured pieces of work to be brought together into the story that comes to life through each step of the process. Born and raised in Minnesota, he resides in Albertville, thanking god for the blessing of inspiration that pour out from his creative outlets.

As a professional writer, Nicolas spends most of his waking hours working tirelessly to improve his written work. His passion is to immerse in the process of creating a story from his thoughts, and strives to use just his own to do so. He takes tremendous satisfaction in ensuring that whatever he does is done through creative ideas to better his writing.


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