Echoes of the Tides

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Adelina DaSilva

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Echoes Of The Tides mirrors the life experiences of immigrants. The book pictures different facets of life; in the author’s home country and the United States. Poems about social awkwardness and acceptance of new endeavors intertwine. In a hybrid language Cabo -Verdean Creole and English some poems also denote serious matters and cultural misconceptions.

Adelina DaSilva

Adelina C. da Silva was born in the Island of Fogo, in the Republic of Cabo Verde. She immigrated to the United States in 1976. Adelina is an English as a Second Language and English Language Arts teacher in Boston, Massachusetts. She has been teaching at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School for 36 years where she’s taught students from Africa, Central and South America, Carribean Islands and Vietnam. Adelina writes in Cabo Verdean Creole, her native language, Portuguese and English. She received her Master of Fine Arts Degree in 2005 from Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusettes. Some of Adelina’s poems in Portuguese and Cabo Verdean Creole were published in Arquipelago, a magazine published in Boston in the 1990s. Two of Adelina’s poems in Portuguese and English are published in Transactions of the American Philosophy Society, Volume 82, Part 4, 1992 Changing Africa: The First Literary Generation Of Independent Cape Verde by Gerald M. Moser.


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