Easter: McEaster Valley

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Walter R. Hoge DVM

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"""Dreams and aspirations in our lives are often the catalysts that lead to great accomplishments that benefit the world in which we live."" —Walter R. Hoge, DVM, and author of McEaster Valley.

This unique and earthy tale is reminiscent to William P. Young's The Shack, in that it was written to the authors' children and that it serves as a parable that there is more to life than glitter and gold and that sometimes, the places where we get lost are exactly where we need to be. What distinguishes Hoge's fable is that it excites the imagination and conjures wonderment in the natural world in all its simple complexities. Whatever it is Hoge found in McEaster Valley, he shares with his readers this: If we respect the community in which we live, take care of our planet, and learn more about its nature, it may well yield clues that will help us live healthier, happier lives."

Walter R. Hoge DVM

Walter R. Hoge received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Purdue University before practicing small animal veterinary medicine at Camden Pet Hospital. Published in several scientific journals, McEaster Valley is his first book. A proud father to five grown children, he lives in San Jose, California.


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