Format: Paperback
Published Date: November 26, 2020
Pages: 30
ISBN: 9781952896705

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Dimensions 6 × 9 in

"In this engaging tale, three detectives work for the Milky Way Space Patrol Station in space. These detectives will work on a special case involving finding the president’s family and his spaceship.

President Abraham Colleton II wakes up observing First Lady Indria is missing. Indria hilariously upsets the whole White House by not letting anyone know she and their two children will be visiting Indria’s planet. The vice president and his family get involved. Indria’s mother becomes very upset. All the White House staff become very worried. There is only one day before the Christmas party for the students and parents, and there is a special present aboard the missing ship. President Colleton asks for help, and Vice President Leonard Maxey knows a detective capable of solving this mystery.

Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins

Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins, is the Director and Private owner of Hester Tutoring Program in Walterboro, South Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. Her background and jobs has given her great opportunities in the middle of our youth to bring them into this complex society of ours, by building a building block of educational goals and objectives from Pre-K to 12th grade, colleges and universities. With these learning endeavors children will go out into the world and will grow.


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