Do You See What I See – PAPERBACK


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Published Date: April 12,2018
Pages: 48
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ISBN: 9781948864008

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We must prepare, take the leap of faith, and marvel at the world we see and what we believe to be. Standing under a star-studded sky with my feet firmly planted on the earth, I remembered the world beneath the water I have been blessed to see, and I knew there certainly could be heaven.

Have you ever seen something so miraculous that it was hard to convince anyone else of its existence?

Author Brenda Wilson shares stories full of the wonder and amazement of everyday life. Her vivid experiences are a reminder to all of us to slow down and notice God in our midst—His humor, strength, and beauty—by consciously looking for His hand at work.

One of the many ways Brenda has experienced the creativity of God is through animals. Whether it was catching a glimpse of kangaroos, camels, or zebras in the unlikeliest of places, she has been blessed by these reminders of God’s care of all creatures, big and small.

Take the time to marvel at God’s creation and you’ll soon be asking Do You See What I See?

Brenda Wilson

BRENDA WILSON has spent the last thirty years serving as a registered nurse. She resides in Memphis, Missouri, with her husband, Bud. Brenda is a wife, a mother, a nana, and a child in spirit. She is also the author of Peeking Through The Pearlies.


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