Dirty Laundry Don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: May 3,2018
Pages: 156
ISBN: 9781948864169

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Dirty Laundry Don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders consists mostly of funny stories gathered during Doctor Skelton's long and active professional life. A few serious stories are included to show that he was serious about his medical practice and his Christian faith.

Laugh with Doc as he hears symptoms explained with classic non-medical language, and medical terms used in a way that is more practical than the traditional medical terminology. Be elated with Doc on the couple of occasions when, as a medical student, his diagnosis was correct when that of his world-famous medical professor was not. Cry with Doc when things did not go so well with patients who were children.

Laugh at Doc and some of his professional associates as he relates several stories revealing the true humanity and frailty of some of the characters who daily hold human lives in their hands. It is certainly not a bad thing for a physician to have a sense of humor.

Dirty Laundry Don’t take No Doctor’s Orders is not a book to be read in a single setting. Take your time to enjoy each of these usually very short stories and feel the emotion that Doc felt when they happened to him. My suggestion is that you place the book in your bathroom. That way, your family and friends can join you as you experience the different emotions that the stories in Dirty Laundry Don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders bring out in you.

C.B. Skelton

C. B. Skelton is a product of the rural South from the time of the Great Depression. He was the tenth of twelve children in a tenant farmer’s family. At age 18, having worked his way through college, he was drafted into the Army where he served for two years. Following his Army service, he enrolled in the Emory University School of Medicine, which was followed by a couple of years of postgraduate training. He and in private practice in Winder Georgia in 1953, where he worked for 42 ½ years before retiring.
After almost 50 years of study and practice in the medical profession, Doctor Skelton turned his attention to writing. He has two main venues for his stories: down-home style short stories and metered/rhymed verse. It is where they hope that your spirits will be lifted that he presents Dirty Laundry Don’t Take No Doctor’s Orders.

Other books by Doctor Skelton: Fil’Osophy/Phooloscopy; A Simple Seller of Noodles; Rhyme for All Seasons; and ROCK, Further Proof of God’s Sense of Humor.


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