Danny the New Kid in School – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: November 28,2017
Pages: 50
Dimension: 5×0.1×8
ISBN: 9781947765177

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Danny is the new kid in school. It’s never fun to be the new person. Sometimes people stare, ask questions, or make you feel uncomfortable. And sometimes others can be mean. Anxious about school at first and amid setbacks and trepidation, Danny is determined to do better. Danny meets another new kid, Timmy, who becomes his best friend. Together, the two boys grow and learn, eventually becoming confident, self-assured boys, ready to tackle the next phase: middle school. Danny even closes the year with a big victory. Any child who has been a new kid in school will understand the trials and triumphs Danny encounters throughout his fifth-grade year.

Thorpe, Roslyn C.

Roslyn Thorpe is currently a home instruction teacher with the New York State Department of Education. She lives with her niece, three grandnieces, and their dad in Cambria Heights, Queens, New York. Roslyn is also the author of the children’s book RayRay’s Amazing Dream. Roslyn is an ordained minister and has been working with teens and younger children for over forty-four years. This book is written to encourage students who are new at school. For those who are and are bullied, they can use this book to overcome their obstacles and make it to the top of the class.


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