Coup: How America was Stolen in 2020 – PAPERBACK


Drake Alexander

Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
June 25, 2022
Pages: 204


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Too often, the conspiracy is reality. This is one of those moments.

The 2020 election was stolen.

COUP provides a state by state accounting of the fraud, illegality, and irregularity, of the 2020 United States Presidential election. From Georgia to Pennsylvania, from Arizona to Wisconsin, the election was stolen through myriad means. These activities were complex.

They were devious. They were coordinated. They were discovered.

Through a complex strategy by a cabal of Democrat governors, media tycoons, Big Tech, opposition state Supreme Courts, and individual actors, a perfect storm of criminal activity occurred where those committing the illegal activities were supported by a complicit judiciary who refused to investigate.

COUP dives deep into the darkness of the hijacking of American democracy. From bribery, obstruction of justice, and deleted electronic voting records to complicit courts, out of control governors, and votes that were tallied faster than the machines could process – from hidden ballots, forcibly removed poll monitors, and statistically impossible outcomes to renegade ballot harvesters tracked by cell-phone tower pings, to the abuse of the elderly with 100% voter turnout, and chilling affidavits and testimony from those who witnessed the illegality of the 2020 election.

Why did they do this? What possible stakes could convince a domestic take-over of the democratic process?

COUP exposes it all. America was stolen in 2020.

Drake Alexander

Drake Alexander is a US-based, licensed attorney, who has long been interested in the underworld of “conspiracy theories”.  He has a degree in Political Science from Emory University, served on Capitol Hill, and completed in-depth studies on Constitutional, Tort, Criminal, and Contractual Law. Drake has written books, developed documentaries, and is a frequent guest on podcasts and interviews regarding a host of political, cultural, and “conspiracy” topics.  Drake has built an online community of hundreds of thousands of like-minded patriots who question the reality the media presents them and dares to confront the social control paradigm rising around us.


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