Cora: An All Alone Girl- KINDLE


Elaine Vanderberg

Format: Kindle
Published Date: July 27, 2023
Pages: 28
ISBN: 979-8-89091-127-8

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Cora, a very intelligent young lady feels trap because of her family life being poor. She has no father and she has a poor mother. Searching for ways to escape she found her self and her hopes through books. Will Cora finds her greatest escape and have a good future?

Elaine Vanderberg

Elaine Vanderberg grew up with a love of reading and books, stories and news. But she never expected to write books! It all started with a granddaughter asking for a bedtime story. As the words came from her mouth, “Chloe” came to be, she’s unsure of how. Later, when she chose to have “Chloe” published a second story formed in her mind then another and another. They were “Timmy, the Timid Cloud,” “Sammie-the Sad Salamander,” and “Cora, an All Alone Girl.” She then realized each story was based on a common problem children face and her hope now is that children read these books and understand you can succeed if you just believe.


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