Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom

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Russell Marlett

Published Date: June 30, 2022
Pages: 78

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Story is of discovery of thirty two life altering verses, and their application to daily motivational and inspirational living. The story is told by a sailor who is given the verses by a mysterious presence encountered in a Guatemalan jungle hut. The accidental discovery of the verses and commentaries is made by a somewhat disillusioned man hoping to find treasure in a chest, hidden away for years in an attic.

Russell Marlett

Russ Marlett grew up in a multi-generation family of Methodists. Early religious training was more dogmatic than exploratory. Embracing an unquestioning faith that came into being from the teachings of The Christ, Russ evolved from a painfully thin, nonathletic adolescent to a life of adventure in adulthood. No matter what the reader’s religious background, spiritual belief, or life experience there is something here that any and all can profit from and use to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others while enriching their own.


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