Come Climb Toward God: Are you Hungry for God? – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: June 24, 2020
Pages: 34
ISBN: 9781951775292

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Premise: Are you hungry to develop a relationship with God? Are you hungry to hear God speak to you? Are you hungry to know God's callings? Are you hungry to respond to God's callings? Then this book is written for you. Throughout my years of teaching the Bible, I've taught to the "one". So, I'm writing to the one who has a hunger to understand the callings of God and to develop a great relationship with Him. From the time I gave my life to Jesus, there has been a compulsion to know Jesus as a real person. How exciting this growing process is and has been as I have answered, "Yes," to His callings.

Marianna W. Albritton

Who, me? That was my reaction the first time I was asked to teach a Sunday School Class. Since I am naturally shy, speaking in front of people was a frightening thought. However, sharing what I had been learning was an attractive thought. So, I taught the class and discovered I really liked teaching the Bible. From that time, I’ve taught classes from Junior High ages through Senior adults. From asking Jesus to take charge of my life at twelve years of age, I have felt compelled to study the Bible. Studying the Bible has been the one constant in my life. Teaching and writing experiences have been fun. That is how I know God has worked His will in my life. God’s will is enjoyable. He does not lead you to do something you do not enjoy. After finishing high school, attending Southeastern College in Laurel, MS seemed to be my best next step. In addition to the basic college courses, Bible courses were offered as well. Those courses gave me a good foundation for the additional years of Bible Study. Albritton writes in a conversational and candid tone that endears readers to her.—Blueink Review


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