Christian: Label or Lifestyle – PAPERBACK


Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets

Format: Paper Back
Published Date: March 24, 2024
Pages:  58
ISBN: 979-8-89091-506-1

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The picture on the cover of this book is of a dear friend of mine being held by his great-grandfather.

William Arthur Snidow is holding his great-grandson, my friend Jerry Payne. The faith that this man shared with young Jerry around 1955, before his teens, is very much a part of what is in my books. That faith is a Holiness Doctrine of living in anticipation and preparation for The Second Coming. Born in 1860, his lifestyle and beliefs revealed to Jerry this faith, and Jerry carried that lifestyle and faith on in his own life and then, through our friendship, brought it into my life and my writing.

Obedience to God’s Word is a lifestyle made attractive by living life watching for the soon-coming King. Teaching Godly family values to the next generation is each generation’s responsibility. I hope what you will find in this book will aid in that cause. Generational love or family love has a Greek name – Storge Love. It is an affectionate love that must permeate the other three loves: Eros, Phileo, and Agape. It has the element of tough love that must be brought into The Family of God so that Jesus’ role as the Righteous Judge at The Second Coming can be well understood in anticipation of that event.

Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets


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