By This Shall We Be Known – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: April 5,2018
Pages: 164
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ISBN: 9781948864046

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By This Shall We Be Known: Interpreting the Voice, Vision, and Message of Martin Luther King Jr. draws out the simple truths and practical wisdom woven throughout the legacy of this twentieth-century pioneer of civil rights. Author Terriel R. Byrd explores Dr. King’s works and life, especially his preaching, to illustrate the power of his thought to inspire individuals today. Written for use in both academic and church institutions, By This Shall We Be Known offers students insights in social justice, ethics, history, and moral philosophy. Following the lead of Dr. King’s reliance upon lucid and uplifting prose, Byrd has crafted a work that informs, avoids highly technical language, and challenges without threatening its readers. He provides excerpts from key passages, places them in their historical context, and sketches out how their message speaks to today’s world. As you immerse yourself in the depths of Dr. King’s work, you will find his prophetic vision and spiritual insights, crafted for a time almost a half-century ago, providing you a glimpse into a future in which the church—beginning with you—may still promote life-affirming change. When this happens, the seeds planted by Dr. King bear the fruit by which you shall be known.

Terriel R. Byrd

Dr. Terriel R. Byrd is professor of Urban Ministry Studies at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida and oversees its Evening Ministry program. Byrd has more than twenty years of experience as senior pastor and campus minister, and is founder, Lead pastor of Living Word Christian Community Church, FL. He is the author of I Shall Not Be Moved: Racial Separation in Christian Worship and By This Shall We Be Known: Interpreting the Voice, Vision, and Message of Martin Luther King Jr. He currently lives in South Florida.


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