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Format: Kindle
Published Date: June 21,2018
Pages: 118
ISBN: 9781948864398

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Elaine got the incentive to write a book about her journey with breast cancer when she, as a nurse, realized that not all patients with breast cancer understand the confusing medical terminology that they are faced with as they deal with doctors, nurses, and literature about their disease. As a result, she wrote the story of her experience from diagnosis through reconstruction in a language that anyone can understand. In addition, she included a glossary full of terms that most breast cancer patients are faced with along the way.

You may laugh with her and cry with her as she shares the intense feelings that pull on your heartstrings as one deals with this challenging disease. Another added benefit is to read the chapter, written by her husband, as he explains what a spouse goes through in dealing with a wife with breast cancer. His chapter will help other spouses realize that there are other men who understand their struggles, as they try to be the strong one for their wife.

Faith in God is the common denominator that helped both Elaine and her family get through this challenge and come out winners. There is definitely life after breast cancer. She would not let cancer define her but gives the credit to her faith and family. Giving up was never an option.

Elaine Embrey, R.N.

Elaine Embrey is a retired registered nurse, who was diagnosed with breast cancer on July 31, 2008. She has an identical twin sister, who is also a nurse and was a great support to her throughout her journey of dealing with breast cancer.

She was married to her husband Ron at the time of her diagnosis, bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction, and recuperation. Unfortunately, Ron lost his battle with multiple myeloma on November 29, 2014. More recently, Elaine’s twin sister Marge moved in with her since they were both widowed. That has been a real blessing to both of them.

Elaine has three children – Scott, Jeff, and Sherri – who all live in Michigan. She also has six grandchildren, of whom she is very proud. Her faith, family, and friends have helped Elaine through some very difficult days.

Most recently, Elaine and her twin sister were both diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. They are both fighting it with intense exercise and determination to do as much as they can to slow down the progression of the disease. Once again, faith, family, and friends have been instrumental in helping as they fight for as normal a life as possible. Giving up is not an option.


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