Born Blind: The Traumas and the Triumphs – HARDBACK


David Y. Block

Format: Hardback
Published Date: November 10, 2023
Pages: 84
ISBN: 979-8-89091-288-6

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The five stories you are about to read in my book titled, Born Blind: Traumas and Triumphs, represent critical parts of my life, feelings, observations, and analyses that marinated inside me long before they reached the written page. Although only one—My father … Me, and sister Josefina is non-fiction, the others reflect reality, based on my experiences and those of people I know.

David Y. Block

For over 30 years, David Block has worked as a documentary producer, director, and a freelance journalist. He is also legally blind and has been that way since birth.

David is a graduate of Bard College and Temple University with a 2017 master’s degree in journalism. Temple University also awarded him the Lori Schipper Scholarship for Distinguished Achievement in journalism.

David’s articles have appeared in many newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times. He has directed and produced prizewinning documentary films about people overcoming adversity. His most recent film is “Gift Horses,” a documentary about therapeutic riding, and winner of a CAMMY award. To view his work, please go to


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