Bodies Unbound: Transforming Lives Through Touch – KINDLE


Cynthia Waring

Format: Kindle
Published Date: September 14, 2023
Pages:  182
ISBN: 979-8-89091-218-3

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This is a memoir. In it, Cynthia vulnerably reveals her search for reasons as to why she left her family. For a time, Waring lives homeless, broken, and unable to deal with her life. Almost by accident, she becomes a Massage Therapist, and through her client’s appreciation of her, her self-esteem blossoms. After giving over 30,000 massages, she is given insight into how people carry trauma and how it affects the body. We read and are moved as we follow Cynthia's journey from homelessness to receiving a standing ovation for her play and sells 20,000 copies of her book. As Ron Liggett describes her journey, “Waring peals away the layers of a wounded heart to reveal a resilient and tenacious soul on a long but rewarding healing mission.”

Cynthia Waring

Cynthia Waring became a licensed Massage Therapist in 1976. She estimates she has given over 30,000 massages. While teaching a workshop at the Ojai School of Massage, she discovered she had unconsciously created a system by which she was reading bodies, which reveals the origins of a person’s trauma. Cynthia has worked with children of holocaust survivors, Viet Nam refugees, people who have survived incest and rape, and an African American church in Brooklyn. When she met the Pastor, he told her, “When we were enslaved, we left our bodies. We are still living outside our bodies. I’ve asked you here to find out where we went and to help us find out how to stop passing the effects of enslavement down to our children.”

Waring’s book, Bodies Unbound, Transforming Lives Through Touch, has sold over 20,000 copies. Cynthia wrote and performed a one-woman show based on her book by the same name. Bodies Unbound, the play, has received awards and played all over the United States and at the Edinburgh Theater Festival.

She now lives in Santa Barbara, CA, with her fourteen-pound Maltese-poodle, who, she admits, runs the show. She teaches memoir writing in person and on Zoom. She can be reached through email,


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