Bobby Dazzlers: My Story as a UK Policewoman in the 70s – KINDLE


Maureen Coonrod

Format: Kindle
Published Date: March 6, 2024
Pages:  208
ISBN: 979-8-89091-501-6

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Over 50 years ago I decided to join the Metropolitan Police Force. This is the story of the challenges I faced and overcame during the process of training, probationary period and my attachment to several departments. At this time the equality act hadnt yet been passed so a female in this profession had many challenges to overcome. I enjoyed my time in the force and this is a story of my experiences both good and bad during my time in the Force. I have described the History of Police Women and how, over the years they have progressed and are accepted now with equal responsibilities and promotion opportunities. In the 60’s the world was a different place and Police duties also very different to how it is now.

Maureen Coonrod

I grew up in the suburbs of London the oldest of two children. I had a great childhood, my father an engineer and my mother a Secretary. My parents had the view that a woman would work until she met someone and had children therefore no need to go to University. So I left school at 15yrs and started work in a Bank in the City of London. I then went into other jobs, a receptionist and a secretary. At 19 yrs I decided my ambition to become a Police Officer became reality when I applied, took the tests and interviews and got accepted into Hendon Police College. I married a Police Officer and had 3 children. I now am divorced and live in the USA as a Realtor.


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