Blood Passion Book V: Rachael’s Revenge – PAPERBACK


J.M. Valente

Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
June 16, 2022
Pages: 176


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This fifth novel of the ongoing BLOOD PASSION Saga in which, Rachael Valli is BACK with a Vengeance! Heavily in her mind is an agenda of revenge, against the U.S. Marshal, Special Agent, that tried to destroy her, when in her Mia Harkness identity. Her underlining Master plan is to beguile, Victor Vincent this U.S. Marshal’s earthly Lover, and turn him, into a Vampire, so that this Marshal will be obligated to hunt him down, and then lose him to Rachael, where she could start a Cabal of Vampires with Victor as their King, and herself as their Queen. Making them the alleged Adam and Eve of a Vampire population. The Mystical Question being: Will she be able to, accomplish this; Her deviously vengeful endeavour. And end her loneliness

J.M. Valente



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