Blood Passion: Book IV Malevolence – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: August 22, 2020
Pages: 188
ISBN: 9781951775919

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This Forth Novel continues the Modern Gothic American Horror conflict; between the untainted Passions of Good and the unbridled Horrors of Evil, for which the ingenuous, through no fault of their own are compelled to deal with, because of being endowed with the tenacious, curse of a life-sustaining need, to ingest fresh blood of living beings, on a regular basis. This astonishing Novel is the telling of, Rachael Valli’s coming of age story, into now a young woman and of how she must continue to handle her extraordinary way of life, away from the town of her birth, in which, she is now living as the alias of, Mia Harkness, continuing to write her Vampyre Novel, and still having the ravenous desire to consume the fresh Blood of a living organism, must ensue to sustain her, very eccentric dilemma of having been conceived from what was once the tainted Love, between a Normal Human Mother and a Living Vampire Father.

J. M. Valente



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