Blood in the Sand

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Stacie Bartolotto

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Dimensions 6 × 9 in

On the night that Misty and her friends had gone out, they wanted to have fun and leave their troubles at home. So they go to Joshua tree National park to loosen up and hang out with one another but there was someone waiting in the shadows for them. They got murdered but one ran away from the scene. Now she wants her revenge against the guy who killed her friends and her sister.

Stacie Bartolotto

I have two adult children, who I love dearly. I live in Southern California with my family plus my dog Dottie, our border collie, and Ms. Miles, our cat. I hope you will love this book as much as I did. There’s a person behind the scenes that would take me to the Desert, National Park, and Amboy. I wouldn’t have gotten the idea for this story if it wasn’t for him. I love spending my time reading books when I can and love going for long drives to the desert. I put my time into it over the years and never gave up on my writing. Many nights, I would stay up and get this book done but my personal life had other plans, so I had put this book on hold and I would write a chapter or two when I got the chance to do so. This book has been a journey for me because my idea for writing this book came when I went to Joshua Tree National Park in 2012 and that’s when I really began writing. The story takes place in a National Park and that’s how this book got off the ground.


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