Beyond The Shadows of Sawtooth Ridge: Joni’s Story – PAPERBACK


Bernie McAuley

Format: Paperback
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July 21, 2022
Pages: 230


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Follow the dreams of Joni as she travels in her father's footsteps as a Naval fighter pilot. She enters a man's world to become one of the best in her class among men. However, being a woman TOPGUN pilot brings challenges that enfold her personal and professional life. Along her path, she learns about her father and the respect he has earned from his time as a POW and top Naval and airline pilot. She also finds the love of her life sitting next to her on a return holiday trip back home which leads her to examine her parents' own marriage. Her birth mother, who passed away before her father returned from Vietnam, seemed to be with her on this path.

Bernie McAuley

Bernie spent summers on his grandfather’s 14,000-acre ranch in Eastern Montana. When the ranch was sold, he spent a couple of summers working in Glacier National Park before entering the Army. Shortly after being discharged from the Army, he began his airline career in Minneapolis with Northwest Airlines. He returned to Montana with the airline, where, in his spare time, he could be found hunting, fly fishing, and team roping either on the Missouri River or along with the shadows of the sawtooth. He also spent time packing into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Transferring to Seattle, he assumed a position in operations, where he became familiar with flight crews and working MAC (Military Air Charter) flights arriving from and departing to Vietnam. He retired from the airlines after 38 years. A short three months later, he began working for the Griffin School District near Olympia, Washington. He now lives with his wife of 42 years, overlooking the Puget Sound in Lacey, Washington.


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