Beyond Barriers

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Anne Davey Koomans

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This book is about David Davey whose life changed when he was stricken with polio in 1948—go into the thoughts of a twelve-year-old as he lay in an iron lung, recovering. Read how he recognized that God gave him a purpose and how he spent the rest of his life fulfilling it. Witness Dave's Christian leadership skills as he joined Goodwill Industries and set about to change laws and attitudes of American people regarding those with disabilities. Dave was the liaison for all Goodwills and many other organizations to assist Senator Bob Dole's office in the passing of the Disabilities Act.

Anne Davey Koomans

“The book exposes difficult times that Dave and others experienced by everyday barriers and how Dave volunteered to make a difference taking out those barriers, with a sense of humor. Read through the heart of a man whose love is not only limited to his love of family, but to others who have barriers to beat. Be encouraged to live a good life, always seeking ways to reach that goal. Anne Davey Koomans received her first copyright in 1994 for her Christian drama Witness of the Innkeeper. She has performed this forty-two-minute drama over 200 times in many countries, states, aboard ships, and at churches, schools, and nursing homes. Being in God’s will for her life has always been her greatest desire. Traveling and photography with family and friends to forty-nine states (sorry North Dakota), and cruises and flights to more than fifty countries and islands have provided fond memories. Anne has taken photos from the wheelchair lift on Dave’s van, helicopters, hot air balloons, planes, or lying on her back to get unique shots of light houses, Notre Dame Gargoyles, and many other positions needed to get the photo she wanted.”


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