Behind the Mask

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Tamie S. Johnson

Published Date: January 26, 2023
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Behind the Mask is something that many of face in life if we are honest with our selves. A mask can be social emotional cultural and Traumatic and Relational. In my cultural it is said You better act like you got some sense or whatever happens in this house stays in this house. When things go wrong and life happen, you are told to get yourself together and but pretend it didn’t happen or just get over it. When its traumatic we hide and exhibit other signs trying to hold it together when life happens. It’s not just you or about you but it is facing yourself and being honest I am in pain, and I want, and desire change in my life, but I can’t do it on my own. We must learn how to deal with situations when life happen to us and around us from our pass and our now. I feel if we don't deal with our issues in life it will come up again later or we leave things for our children to deal with because we tried to hide it or kept secrets.

Tamie S. Johnson

Tamie S. Savage Johnson the author of Over Whelming Victories in all these Difficulties her first book written six years ago while living in North Carolina. She now lives in Florida with her husband near her children, grandchildren, and family. Tamie is a speaker, that desires to encourage the people she meets, with the word of God and her writings. She enjoys serving in her home church jail and Prison ministry and assisting her son in his Ministry. My desire is to live a life that is poured out and to be all that God is calling me to be.


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