Beautifully Broken – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: February 12, 2019
Pages: 426
ISBN: 9781949981254

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Kassidy has always been the good girl. Always studying, earning her straight A’s, never went to parties, and never dates. She lives for dance. As a student at Julliard, she has worked hard to get the performing roll in The Nutcracker… her life-long dream. When tragedy hits, she has to decide between continuing her dream as a dancer… or taking over her family’s legacy. An unforeseen circumstance arises in the form of a certain tall, dark stranger.

Tristan is the VP of a world famous robotic technology company. When he loses his boss and mentor, he becomes responsible for the new CEO of the company. It’s his responsibility to teach her about the business and look after the young woman. He never expected to fall for the stunning dancer. She is too young… too innocent for his world. He fights the desire burning within, but it’s too much… she’s too beautiful… and way too curious about his personal life. Breaking Kassidy is going to be the sweetest moment of his life… and the most challenging, but there are others who want the job for themselves.

Kassidy and Tristan’s story is not your typical love story. Although there is a HEA… their journey is full of dark and twisted bends. Find out what happens when the innocent meets the darkness!

Stacy Rush

Stacy Rush is an up and coming new author of very sexy and erotic dark romance. From BDSM and Kinky, to dark and twisted… she writes the desires that some people do not want to acknowledge within themselves. Each story delivers a HEA in all that she writes. She is a small-town girl who grew up in the Midwest. Married for almost 10 years, she is a mother of three and a stepmother to two. As a stay-at-home wife and mother, Stacy is an avid reader who has always wanted to write her own stories. Her favorite genres are dark romance and paranormal romance.

Her first book came out in January of 2018, which was the start to a paranormal romance series. Beautifully Broken is her first stand-alone novel that took her a full year to write. Her hope is to keep her readers intrigued… turning the pages until the very end.


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