Beach Escape – KINDLE


Mary Ann Olsen

Format: Kindle
Published Date: August 31, 2023
Pages:   288
ISBN: 979-8-89091-196-4

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This book shows there are always possibilities and hope for the future if you never give up. It is possible to pull yourself out of despair and reach for something better which will give you peace. Terri felt that she wanted so much to have her son grow up with love in his heart and good memories to keep. It shows that if you are determined to make your life better, you can.
God was with her in finding the right people she should be with and that there were good people out here in the world. She was so thankful that these people came her way. She knew her son needed to grow up without being upset seeing his father in fits of rage and drunk. Nothing is better than determination and she was going to find a way to make her dreams come true for her son and possibly the peace and calmness that she also needed. Sometimes we all have to deal with hurt, but we do not want that for our children.
There are several obstacles presented to her in the story which she was able to endure and overcome for she and her son. Feel that the ending is very appropriate and satisfying to a reader because in your own mind you hope for a good ending.

Mary Ann Olsen

Raised in Winchester, VA and as a teen entertained in the 3 state area – sang pop and tapped danced (a number of times at the same time Patsy Cline was entertaining – she was about the same age and also from Winchester. Later I wrote, produced and directed an outdoor musical on the 100 steps of the high school. The last year there were 1,400 people in the musical. All intros of the numbers were introduced in poetry form. Later I was selected Executive Director of the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival which is held every year with a Grand Feature Parade, Fireman’s Parade, Dances and Luncheons and Sports Breakfast.
Many celebrities have attended this festival such as a Bing Crosby, Bob Hope along with the President Ford. I wrote a promotional book called, “My Apple Blossom Times”, they were completely sold out. More recently I wrote a children’s book, “Little Cousins Birthdays” which got a 5 star review on Amazon. Little Cousins was based on true story. I have a poetry book I am currently working on called “Walking Through Life in Poetry and Special Thoughts.” I have three grown children – Bambi, Gina and GeorgeMy husband Fred and I have enjoyed traveling in our motorhome and camped in every state with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska. We followed the Lewis and Clark Trail all the way to Fort Clatsop, Oregon.


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