Badge, Bullets and Blood – KINDLE


Henry ( Hank ) J. Silva

Format: Ebook
Published Date: August 26, 2022
Pages: 358 pages
ISBN: 978-1-958030-69-1

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Detectives Bobby Olivares and Brent Olson work as partners for the Hawaiian Island Police Department. Dedicated to solving crimes, upholding the law, and saving citizens, these two find creative ways to make sure justice is served. Sometimes those solutions aren't always approved by the higher ups, until the cases are cracked wide open and the public is safe again.
Confronted with a murderer who preys on innocent young girls, the two men must use everything in their power to catch him. Just when they think the streets are safe again, they stumble onto a case bigger than either of them could ever imagine. With the Mexican Mafia and Middle Eastern terrorists threatening their lives and Hawaiian citizens, Olivares and Olson have to pull out all of the stops to right the wrongs, punish the bad guys, and restore justice… and get in a few gunfights along the way.

Henry ( Hank ) J. Silva

Henry (Hank) J. Silva was born on the island of Oahu three months before the Pearl Harbor attack December 7, 1941. He obtained a college degree in criminal justice and followed a police career as his grandfather before him when he became a police officer in 1966.


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