Awakening the Storm – KINDLE


Nicolas Alan Schiebe

Format: Kindle
Published Date:  March 5, 2024
Pages:  142
ISBN: 979-8-89091-505-4

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After years passing by without any threats to the world, a new threat is arising through a notorious criminal organization. Advanced technology has been stolen, and enhanced to be used against the western region of Central Europe countries. The advanced technology has been developed by respected professional researchers, and is being altered to be used for criminal activity. Only the heroics of the few trusted individuals around the world could handle dealing with the criminal organization. A mysterious man that is willing to recruit them has reached out for their help. With the call being unexpectedly received, they plan to meet with the mysterious man recruiting them to deal with the criminal organization that is becoming a threat. Do they have what it takes to stand against the advanced technologies altered to help the notorious criminal organization gaining control over the western region of the Central Europe countries?

Nicolas Alan Schiebe

Nicolas Schiebe writes passionately and is inspired by the creative outlets of his structured pieces of work to be brought together into the story that comes to life through each step of the process. Born and raised in Minnesota, he resides in Albertville, thanking God for his blessing of inspiration that pour out from his creative outlets. As a professional writer, Nicolas spends most of his waking hours working timelessly to improve his written work. His passion is to immerse in the process of creating story from his thoughts, and strives to use just his own to do so. He takes tremendous satisfaction in ensuring that whatever he does is done through ideas to better his writing.


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