Autobiography of Quinton Douglas Crawford – KINDLE


Quinton Douglas Crawford

Format: Kindle
Published Date: May 20, 2022
Pages: 92
ISBN: 978-1-957312-15-6

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This autobiography lists many of the interesting life events which are considered major and minor instances that defined his life so far. The author selected which led to a more meaningful, coherent story for the reader. Lives are filled with many big events, but not everyone can be discussed fully in a synopsis. A lesson to others is to consider summing up these events by choosing which tells your life story as coherently and clearly as possible.

Quinton Douglas Crawford

Mr. Quinton Douglas Crawford is a happy educator that was born is Southern California. Now he lives in Northern California. Taught in two private schools in Sefwi Wiawson- Ghana for IFESH and two schools in Shenzhen-China. Proudly throughout the public schools in the FSUSD. His education includes three Associates degrees from Solano Community College, a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Chapman University, Primary Research Methodology Certification from Prof. Manu Ampim. He is currently in pursuit of Masters of Education degree from Concordia University- Nebraska online.


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