Art of Investing for Future Millionaires: Proven and Profitable Strategies

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Tony Pow

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"This book represents decades of my investing experiences, extensive simulations, and summaries of hundreds of books I have read on investing. I also have found that many ideas/strategies are no longer applicable in today's market. I only include those proven techniques that work better in today's stock market.

It should make you a better investor from advanced beginners to fund managers alike. This book will not make you wealthy overnight. With proven, step-by-step techniques to time the market, find and evaluate stocks, it is closer to the Holy Grail of investing. The proven adaptive philosophy is using what has worked recently in fundamental metrics and stock searches.

I also explain why you need to invest for yourself and why a beginner can beat a fund manager due to their required limitations/restrictions and hefty fees."

Tony Pow

I graduated from Cal. State University at San Jose in Industrial Engineering and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst with an MS in Industrial Engineering. I have retired from a job in IT. Since then, I have read hundreds of books on investing and run thousands of simulations on investing strategies. I have been an investor for over 30 years and have written over 30 books on investing. I have written a few articles on investing for “”Complete the art of investing is my best work and it received a five-star rating from all reviewers as of 6/2020″”. The Kindle version has about 850 pages. Here are my accomplishments in investing: • I made 50% in 2018 by using my year-end strategy. I challenge any investor with this monthly return in a diversified portfolio of 8 stocks or more. • I recommended 20 stocks in an article Amazing Return in Seeking Alpha. If you bought them on the published date, in a year you would have beaten the S&P index by over 100% without considering dividends.


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