Apostasy Can Lead a Nation to Self-Destruct – HARDBACK


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Published Date: July 17, 2019
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This is the story of two nations, ancient Israel and the United States of America, separated by approximately three thousand years of time. From the beginning, both nations were dedicated and consecrated to God. They promised to worship only him and honor and obey His commands and ordinances. As a result, God blessed and prospered them with wealth, power and peace. He also surrounds their nations with His hedge of protection.

Unfortunately, both nations over time gradually relaxed their commitment to worship and honor Him. Ancient Israel began by worshiping the foreign gods with their idols. America began by worshiping the more sophisticated gods of fame, achievement, money, wealth, sex, pride, power, cars, extravagant houses, clothes, self, and others. Then finally both nations began the process of expunging God from their nation and society.

Then ancient Israel began sacrificing its children to the idol of Baal. After a time, America's Supreme Court authorized the murder of unborn babies as sacrifices to the god of women's rights. These actions were an abomination to the righteous Almighty God. Now God began to warn ancient Israel to turn from its evil ways. America had the same warnings as ancient Israel received. These warnings were recorded in the Bible to be read by Americans, but unfortunately, the Supreme Court had suppressed the Bible's use in America.

Finally, in desperation Almighty God allowed the evil Assyrians to attack ancient Israel and retreated. While on September 11, 2001, He allowed the terrorist to attack New York City and Washington D.C. The leaders of both nations failed to recognize these attacks as being the result of spiritual crises resulting from their apostasy. Instead, they defiantly vowed to rebuild with bigger and better buildings and strengthen their defenses.

About ten years later God executed His righteous judgment by allowing the evil Assyrians to attack and destroy ancient Israel and disperse its people. Thus ancient Israel disappeared from biblical history. While on the other hand, America continues to move forward to its doom unknowingly awaiting the execution of God's righteous judgment.

Philip Wittig

Philip Wittig is a life-long Lutheran. He became an active member of Sheridan Lutheran Church, Lincoln NE in 1968. Since then he has served in various capacities, including facilitating a men’s Bible study for the past 13 years.

In his 50s, he made a commitment to daily Bible reading. Later, he made a commitment to read and actually study the whole Bible. It was during this time when he was studying the Old Testament, that he discovered ancient Israel had turned from God. God not only pleaded with the people and warned them to return to Him. After their defiant silence, He finally rendered His righteous judgment against them allowing the evil Assyrians to conquer ancient Israel. Philip then realized that America was on the same road of apostasy leading to self-destruction as ancient Israel had traveled about three thousand years earlier.


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