An Engineer’s Approach to Religion – HARDBACK


Format: Hardback
Published Date: November 19, 2021
Pages: 38
ISBN: 9781956780222

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This book was written to show us ways to get to the other side of Trumpism. It starts with the logic involved. The book introduces three axioms 1,) The truth is true and only the truth is true. 2.) Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exist. 3.) I think therefore I am. The book then discusses the key meaning of the words we use in our belief system. There is a discussion about objective vs subjective, the nature of lies, forgiveness, sin, etc. The final step looks at how we got here. Understanding that I quoted Richard Rorry’s Achieving our Country in the hope that we could retrace our steps.

Stanley E. McFarland

Stan McFarland is a retired engineer for the State of Ohio. He graduated with a degree in mining engineering in 1966. He has spent his life as a seeker of truth—truth in self, in relationships, and in our culture. He currently resides in Pomeroy, Ohio with his fifth wife. He started his career in an open pit iron ore mine in northern New York as a management trainee. He then moved to Shaker Heights as an assistant to the Vice President of Engineering of a major coal mining company in Shaker Heights, Ohio.


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