All Kids Go to Heaven – PAPERBACK


Format: Paparback
Published Date: August 7, 2020
Pages: 194
ISBN: 9781951775513

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Dimensions 6 × 9 in

“All Kids go to Heaven” Is a psychological thriller mystery. It is about a displaced family who was helped by a church congregation, two children killed, and their mother arrested for the crime of murder. Jenny, the surviving daughter, is determined that her mother was guilty of murdering her brother and sister. She cried to Sergeant Ellis, “Even if she didn’t kill Donnie and Debra, it was her fault because she was supposed to be protecting them.” A local family psychologist, Ms. Corbin, was assigned to question the suspect. It was her assignment to prepare all the formal documentation getting Anne Lanky ready for her transfer to Los Angeles for her arraignment trial.

Rick Vasquez


RICK VASQUEZ, the author, is a Latino entrepreneur who also wrote; “Dream, Sweet Dreams of You”, and “A Mountain Within”. The author also created and produced his movie “Séance”, starring Corey Feldman and Adam West. The story “All Kids go to Heaven”, and “Séance” both were written in the same fictional town, Lampat California. Both stories derived from Rick’s Latino cultural background and his family’s dark secrets of witchcraft. Rick as a child, underwent an apprenticeship under his Grandmother supervision. Through her teachings, Rick was exposed to the belief of spirits, evilness, possessions and terror. The events of the story fiction. However, the spiritual adaptations and the possessions came from a series of events that attacked Rick and his family. Rick fears the evilness of this story. He finds an urgency to bring out this terror for his own redemption. Rick pleads to his readers. Maybe it’s not a good thing to read this story at night. Website:


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