ALASKAN Vittle Verbiage

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DJ Blatchford

Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in

"This book is all about being grateful to life. Many of my family encouraged me and prayed for me not to give up writing my books. I learned a lot and shared much love. Thank you to all wonderful prayer. Thank you to my youngest Son, who offered to help me pay in advertising my books, saying even if he have to work two different jobs.
I will help you Mom and the books to be promoted to the public so that they can be
as Blessed as I was when I read all your books. This book expresses prayers and thankfulness to me and to my family as we grew together. We believe in walking
with gratitude as a law of attraction, attracting positive things by doing or acting
like one. When you give out praises, YAH is watching and the Angels too. Praise
pleases YAH. So, keep it up. Remember we perform miracles in our sleep as YAH did
with Adam when he put him into a deep sleep to create Eve from Adams rib, thankful
to be beside him not before him, not behind him. Through all the good, bad, ugly,
and miracles, we give thanks. Thanks to every hand put in that helped me.
Biggest Quayana to my Heavenly Father.


DJ Blatchford

“DJ as an Inupiat, lived Alaskan Legends & Such God allowed her to see the harsh birth pains of life from territorial pristine lands to what is now called the 49th State of the USA, Alaska. As you read, your mind will allow you to laugh, cry, then yet be scared and also totally amazed! The names in some legends were requested to be changed to protect the guilty. Enjoy Alaska as she takes you on the journeys as if you were with her. Quayanna = Thank you!”


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