Agent 49 – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: March 04, 2020
Pages: 254
ISBN: 9781950947942

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Master thief is recruited by the government to spy on a plot to commit one of the greatest crimes in the 1940s. Billy Hathaway was just another thrill-seeking young man until he was involved in a drunken Saturday night brawl. After being thrown in jail, he is recruited by the government. His assignment is to keep an eye on a young scientist named Ted Hall who is working on the Manhattan Project. Eventually, Billy becomes a reluctant witness to the passing of the atomic bomb blueprint to Russia.

Gerald Brence

Gerald Brence has written three novels.

Ox in the Culvert is historical fiction about a disgraced Texas Ranger who guards a stagecoach on a treacherous journey to San Francisco during the California Gold Rush.

Agent 49 is also a historical fiction story about one of the greatest crimes in American history. The book chronicles the illegal passing of the Atomic Bomb blueprint from the United States to the Soviet Union.

Old Money is a tale about three young boys who take on the town bully. As they grow older, the paths they take put a strain on their relationships. What was fun and games as kids become life and death as adults. Brence is a former English teacher and coach. He also is the author of a non-fiction book about high school football titled The 70-30 Split.


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