Abounding Health Naturally – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: July 20,2018
Pages: 180
Dimension: 5×0.4×8
ISBN: 9781948864589

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"Finally! Clear, practical, and accurate information on how and why to eat for health. As a mother of ten and a health-care professional, I have been looking for a book that I can hand to those I am counseling. Health and vitality can be yours—read, enjoy, and get started on the simple and fun path to a vibrant life!
—Michelle Ruebke, Certified Professional Midwife

What if everything we thought we knew about diseases was wrong? What if all the money being poured into research for cancer and other diseases that so devastate our friends and families was being wasted on researching the wrong thing? What if we found out that all the pharmaceutical drugs we are taking are not putting out the “fire’’ of illness, but only quieting the “alarm’’ of the symptoms?

What if there was an easier way?

You can stop asking questions and begin getting real answers. Have your eyes opened to amazingly simple solutions to the health problems we are seeing so prevalent in our society today. Author Sharon Wiginton reveals how real food can change your life! This guidebook will help you move toward the vibrant health so many people are striving to achieve."

Sharon Jean Wiginton

The late Sharon Jean Wiginton loved sharing the truths of nutrition, attitudes and abounding health with any who would hear. She shared with many what she had learned through her experience of healing from cancer using nutrition and how our bodies use nutrition to heal from disease. She had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle.


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