A Southern Dream – PAPERBACK


Denson Jones
Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
March 26, 2022
Pages: 84

ISBN: 978-1-956780-98-7


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"A Southern Dream" is a fictional book.
It is about a male African male taken from Africa to be enslaved.
He was brought to America by slave ship to a plantation in Mississippi.
He spends a lot of days just daydreaming about his home, Africa, and being free once more.
He is always dreaming about freedom.

Denson Jones

I was born Denson Wayne Jones in Joliet, Illinois on February 21, 1952, to Denson Joseph Jones and Barbara Ann Jones. I played football and basketball at the Joliet Township School District from elementary to high school. I went to a junior college for one year playing basketball and got drafted in the Vietnam War in the ’70s. I moved to Oklahoma in 2007 for grandkids and become a medical technician and author.


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