A Heroes Love Letters from Stalag Luft III for a Girl Named Georgia

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B.R. Rinker

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By request, we continue to share this moving love story that tells of the preparation, dedication, and commitment of one American family and country. It discusses how he prepared for the journey of life by laying a foundation of good habits and moral strength. What flows out of doing your best is sheer joy and happiness—and the attitude that the best is yet to come. You'll enjoy Johnny's love letters from Stalag III. The author wrote the book to simply make a difference.

B.R. Rinker

The author was born between two mountain tops, which is called a hollow, in Kentucky, and she lost her small world at the age of four. She was then sent to an orphanage clear across the state of ol’ Kentucky. Then at the age of ten, she was transferred to a small missionary school thirty miles from her grandmother. She was tutored and raised by missionaries. It was drummed into her head by them and her hardworking grandmother that it behooves each of us to make a difference, and that difference can never really be measured. It can and will be forever frozen in eternity. So relax and enjoy this gift called “life,” and when you do the best is yet to come.


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