A Gift Given, A Gift Taken: Collection of poems-plus

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Juliet Barriffe

Published Date: July 18, 2023
Pages: 118

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This book takes on different categories and topics in it’s poetic form. It is a book of poems plus short stories that reflects my thoughts on love, nature, and desires, within it there is that ever presence of the Creator. Our lives have a story that will come alive with one’s imagination; I dream and imagine a world of love, beauty, peace, and hope. My hope is that one day there will not be no more struggles, I also hoped that those that deemed unimportant, will be able to sit amongst the honored ones. Imperfect though this world may be, there is room for acceptance of others, their weaknesses, discouragements and their indiferences. I would like to believe that, those who may get caught up in a malancholy mood and fear, will find that one poem in this book that will shine a light within that person’s heart and will give them some hope. The hope of smiling, dreaming and loving again, or even the hope of getting connected with the Savior. I have considered myself an introvert, I am a behind the scene person, that uses her imagination, I see and view the visable, and the invisable things, that which is not seen but felt within my emotions. The short stories are a friction of my imagination which is placed in the book to introduce the readers to the story telling me. This book is an introduction to my dreams, my world of imagination; and the Spirit realness of the Savior, that is in the mix of all aspects of this book and my being.

Juliet Barriffe

A dreamer, has been awakened by the inner voice that will not allow her to linger much longer before the table that has been set before her. Juliet has spent years taking the back seat, due to her thoughts and fear of not being good and capable enough, to show herself worthy of presenting the gifts that have been given to her. Juliet is the mother of two daughters and grandmother of two adorable grand kids a girl and boy. The gifts that she adores.


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