A Flash In Time

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J. N. Frye

Published Date: December 15, 2023
Pages: 366

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Energy is around us, microwaves, cell-phones, electric lines, radar, and new inventions, scientific cyclotrons, plasma, and energy weapons.

It’s 2006, and E-R-Mag Labs, NM, turns on an AM radio antenna connected to “Enet”, a communication net at the resonant frequency of earth, to communicate with any special receiver world wide – ships, military units. As the switch is thrown, the entire transmitter explodes, and a tree with metal decorations some miles away vanishes, 2 teenagers with it. The antenna has become a focal point for the earth’s magnetic energy, so was named “X-pole” which soon began absorbing electrical energy, but later any form of energy.

The antenna recharges by itself.

Every 24 hours, people and equipment in rough circles vanish. They are sent to a red-sand desert, and are being stalked and attacked by what look like “grey aliens”, who appear to have followed a different evolutionary direction, and remained closer to dinosaurs and other amphibians.

Is this the end of time?

J. N. Frye

J. N. Frye, author of books on Quality Assurance has written this first novel. Working in electronics and heavy electrical areas of transit operations, John explores some of his knowledge in this book. This novel explores if the structure of our atmosphere, even the earth itself is overwhelmed with electrical energy from cell phones, power lines, radio and microwave, and directed energy saturate the space around us. Is one scenario of this phenomenon being just too much “A Flash In Time?”


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