12 Little Ducks

$ 18.99

Janice Jobey

Published Date: August 17, 2023
Pages: 50


This endearing story of Wood Duck hatchlings jumping from their nest in a tree will delight and entertain young children. They will learn about the habitat and habits of these interesting "tree ducks". Children will also count down from 12 to zero as each baby bird zooms to the ground. Each little duck has their own way of jumping but find out what happens after they all reach the ground! Science, Social Studies, Math and Literacy are all rolled up in this "nest"!

Janice Jobey

Janice Jobey is an early childhood expert specializing in literacy, learning, and mental health. Her own childhood experiences with hearing and speech challenges has provided the passion for promoting phonological awareness in young children through every day experiences. Her vast experiences from childhood to motherhood and “grandmother-hood” provide the basis for her books and speaking engagements. She holds graduate degrees in child development and curriculum and instruction. She lives in rural Oklahoma where she enjoys writing, textile arts, gardening, and spending time with her seven granddaughters.


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