Celebrate your love of books this fall

It is good to see book events and festivals back again in full swing this year since the COVID-19 pandemic. New authors have emerged, existing authors have published again, and booklovers have come out to buy books. Indeed, everyone has a story to share.

ReadersMagnet also has come up with something new for authors and booklovers. To help new and existing authors get their stories told across the world and introduce booklovers to new stories and perspectives, we roll out the EMPIRE STATE BOOK TOUR.

The EMPIRE STATE BOOK TOUR features a triad of in-person and virtual book events, offering authors the best opportunity to present their work and succeed in a post-pandemic publishing market.

For booklovers, the EMPIRE STATE BOOK TOUR offers a one-of-its-kind opportunity to experience literature and art from the best of both worlds this fall of 2022.

What does the Empire State Book Tour comprise of?

The EMPIRE STATE BOOK TOUR comprises the following book events:

The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 3

October 24-November 6, 2022

ReadersMagnet Book Confab

Tribeca, NY
October 28-30, 2022

NYLA 2022 Annual Conference
& Trade Show

Saratoga Springs, NY
November 3-4, 2022

Each book event in the EMPIRE STATE BOOK TOUR is as fun and exciting as the other – and is best enjoyed in this three-event package.

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